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Biotechnical school in Ptuj continues a 60-year tradition of agricultural education in Ptuj and has also executed horticulture and environmental programmes in the recent years.

We educate youths and adults, carry out experiments in arable farming and gardening, test spraying technique, and actively participate in the cultural and social city and countryside life. We also cooperate in the projects concentrating on countryside development and strive towards regional development on various levels.

Practical training dealing with fruit and winegrowing is carried out at the school estate in Grajenščak where our students have also recently participated in the planting of the new school orchard and vineyard. The students also learn how to grow grapes and apples and process them into wine and apple juice which are also produced at the school. The school kitchen at the school premises in Grajenščak is always full of pleasant smells coming from culinary delights prepared by the students studying for assistants in biotechnology

An increasing number of activities and practical training in the field of arable farming, gardening and livestock breeding are carried out at the school estate in Turnišče, in the park in Turnišče and near the Turnišče castle. A few years ago also horses were brought to the recently renovated horse stables. It is always lively and active in the school greenhouses where the students studying floristry and gardening grow vegetables and flowers seedlings under the careful monitoring of their mentors.

The students are offered a possibility to acquire numerous experience and new knowledge for their professional work in their future. The skills and knowledge which they acquire during their lessons is used outside the schools and at school competitions, where our students regularly participate and achieve outstanding results.

Many students from our school have also gained valuable knowledge and experience in practical training abroad in Austria, France and Poland. This gives them the opportunity to build their confidence and improve professional skills in a completely different environment.

When students complete their education, they leave our school full of professional and practical knowledge, and many of them continue their studies on post-secondary schools, colleges and different universities.